Bunny Slope

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Swilled Dod Hard Cider

We tapped this beauty a few days ago and let me just start out by saying I'm not usually a huge fan of ciders but this one is totally different from any cider I had tried before. I always give things a chance even if I don't think I will like it, and it just makes my day when something takes me by total surprise. Swilled Dog Hard Cider did an amazing job creating a cider that most everyone will love. They dry hopped the Bunny Slope to create a cider that is slightly bitter and a little less fruit forward than a typical cider. This is a great gluten free option for someone wanting a little something different. Swilled Dog Hard Cider is a newer family owned cidery that opened in Franklin, WV in 2016. Being a locally owned buisness they do their part to give back to the community by donating 1% of thier sales to different organizations which just makes me love thier cider even more. Let us know what you think of the Bunny Slope in the comments below.

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