Gauley Pale Ale

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Bridge Brew Works

A Clean Water Collaboration

The West Virginia Land Trust paired up with Bridge Brew works to bring the importance of clean water to the forefront of the craft beer movement. Bridge Brew Works created a Belgian-style Pale Ale to raise awerness of the impact clean water has on many aspects of our lives. I love that BBW has an interest in the preservation of the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia. This, among a very large list, is a reason I try to drink and eat local as often as possible. No one cares about WV the way that we do and we need to support each other to make West Virginia as beautiful and successful as possible. Learn more about the amazing things the West Virginia Land Trust does and how they are doing everything possible to protect West Virginia's natural beauty @

BBW describes this beer as "a slightly hazy copper color, with a fruity aroma, and toasty smooth light caramel flavor of fruity black pepper with a balanced hop bitterness". Come check out this beer for yourself. As always mention this blog post and get $2 off a mug or pint!

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