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Gauley Pale Ale

The West Virginia Land Trust paired up with Bridge Brew works to bring the importance of clean water to the forefront of the craft beer movement. Bridge Brew Works created a Belgian-style Pale Ale to raise awerness of the impact clean water has on many aspects of our lives. I love that BBW has an interest in the preservation of the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia. This, among a very large list, is a reason I try to drink and eat local as often as possible.

Bunny Slope

We tapped this beauty a few days ago and let me just start out by saying I'm not usually a huge fan of ciders but this one is totally different from any cider I had tried before. I always give things a chance even if I don't think I will like it, and it just makes my day when something takes me by total surprise. Swilled Dog Hard Cider did an amazing job creating a cider that most everyone will love. They dry hopped the Bunny Slope to create a cider that is slightly bitter and a little less fruit forward than a typical cider.

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